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My Brother Saved Keanu Reeves Life. Lessons From a Bodyguard.

Excerpt from Season 1, Episode 10 of the Reaching For the Middle podcast hosted by James Donison.

Ashley Gard, Personal Protection Specialist (Bodyguard, Expert in Krav Maga, Corporate Safety Training), talks about his brother Gardie's (full name withheld due to privacy) experience as third party protection for Keanu Reeves during the filming of The Matrix movie in Sydney Australia in 1998, and how he saved his life. In this excerpt Ash also talks about the fundamentals of being a good bodyguard and the mindset to succeed.

Listen to episode 10 to hear Ash Gard discuss working with The Rolling Stones, Paris Hilton, and Harry Styles. He also discusses being around his wife and business partner, Anna, 24/7, running their company, his biggest life's regret, and how he keeps succeeding when others have failed.

How to contact Ashley Gard (Gold Coast, Australia based, online and travel available)
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