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How Chinese Targeted Racism Fuelled Canadian Video Producer Kevin Li

Kevin Li is a Canadian video producer and presenter. He just happens to be of Chinese decent as well.
In this clip from Reaching For The Middle (RFTM) S1E5, Kevin talks about his realisation at a young age that, although born and brought up in Canada, he was not looked at the same as his caucasian peers.
He now channels his energy into educating people on asian culture tby producing TV shows, sometimes subtly (Ultra Rich Asian Girls) and other times overtly (Canadianize Me).

This episode airs midway through October 2021. Kevin Li will also discuss his overnight success, his 'latchkey' childhood, our history together working in Canadian television (Citytv Vancouver), middle age, and some exciting family news.

Click the links to watch clips from shows that Kevin Li has co-produced:

Canadianize Me

Agent Unbreakable


Ultra Rich Asian Girls

Kevin Li's Production company.

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Host James "Jimmy" Donison - Gold Coast, Australia