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Geoff Wilson - Future Prince of Plant Medicine? Reaching For The Middle podcast (FULL EPISODE)

This is the video version of the Reaching For The Middle podcast. Audio version available on your favourite podcast platform.

He’s not only a dynamic thinker, Geoff Wilson is a BTTY Certified Change Coach, Instructor at Acorn Wealth, an online Creator, MMA Show Host and Commentator.

Listen to the full podcast episode where host, James Donison, and Geoff Wilson discuss:

His upcoming book on psychedelic treatments and his personal experimentation the psychedelics tie-in to being a Being True To You (BTTY) Change Coach 
Our mutual connection to retail men’s store Randy River (now closed), famous for tacky silk and rayon shirts
Why he moved from Canada to Costa Rica to live with his mom
His thoughts on COVID, strategy to reduce it, and why he doesn’t suffer the effects of isolation and social distancing
Former host of the MMA.I and MyFortay online Mixed Martial Arts shows

Stock Market Education at Acorn Wealth and its founder John Seville 
Parables of Plant Medicine podcast - hosted by Geoff Wilson in relation to his book Evolve: Parables of Plant Medicine.
And more advice for those of us who just can’t seem to reach the top, let alone the middle

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Host: James 'Jimmy' Donison

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