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Compassion: The Argument For Wearing a Mask

This is a video excerpt from the podcast 'Reaching For the Middle', recorded in February 2022. And is a convincing argument on why we should still be wearing masks in public.

In a two part interview with BC Children's Hospital Communications Manager, Elaine Yong, we spoke about many things, but 'who' really pulled at the heart strings was Elaine's daughter, Addison. At three weeks of age, Addison had a heart transplant. Immunocompromised, she's lived her life in and out of hospital, receiving "toxic medications" to keep her heart pumping. But when COVID hit, her parent's Elaine and Aaron had more to worry about than the average parents.

No matter what your beliefs, or even if you don't 100% trust the science, isn't it a small ask just to wear a mask, so children like Addison, and adults who are immunocompromised don't have to risk their lives just by stepping out their front door. If you're in close proximity to people in a public space, consider those around you, be respectful and compassionate.

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