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April 29, 2022

S2E8 - Oksana Tkachenko (Ukranian Roots and a Family in Peril)

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With many of her family still in the Ukraine, and at the time of this writing, some trapped in a cellar in the Mariupol war-zone, Oksana Tkachenko  is juggling her successful career, and family life in Australia, with the constant worry of the horrors that are happening in her birth country. 
In part one of a two part conversation with Oksana, we discuss her childhood in the Soviet Union and the volatile conditions in the Ukraine after it gained independence in the 90's, and how she's a testament to the resilience of the Ukrainian people.
She shares how she ended up moving to South Australia in 1999 after being separated from her husband for almost two years; and how speaking 4 languages, and being educated, was still not enough to secure her a job in male dominated industries.
Through her company, Brisbane based, Lean Finance (link in description) Oksana discusses an initiative to create a socially responsible foundation, Solar Flower,  to attract charitable donations and investment which would provide aid to those in, and those who escaped, war torn Ukraine.

(Note: The interview occurred 8 April 2022. All information regarding the events in the Ukraine should be reflective of that date, unless specified)
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Oksana TkachenkoProfile Photo

Oksana Tkachenko


After an eye opening childhood growing up in the Soviet Union and then an independent Ukraine, Oksana Tkachenko now lives in Brisbane, Australia.
With an entrepreneurial spirit, a Masters in Finance, and the ability to speak four languages, Oksana now runs Lean Finance, a social conscious company that creates innovative funding platforms, partnerships and investable solutions.