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Nov. 26, 2021

S1E8 Best of 7 - Perspective and Redefining Success

S1E8 Best of 7 - Perspective and Redefining Success
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In this episode we’ll listen back to our Best of 7 guests. Of course, being only 7 guests thus far it’s more about the inspiring, and sometimes controversial, things they’ve said that resonated with myself and my fabulous listeners. I’ve chosen the theme ‘Perspective and Redefining Success’.

If you’re new to the Reaching For the Middle Podcast, this will give you a good ‘jump in point’. If you find a guest(s) that appeals to you, listen to their entire episode and share it with friends, family and that lady working the self-checkout section of your grocery store who looks like she’d rather be anywhere but there.


Guests (in order of appearance)

Episode 1

Geoff Wilson - BTTY Certified Change Coach, Instructor at Acorn Wealth, online Creator, MMA Show Host and Commentator.

Episode 2

Dr. Cameron Norman - Psychologist, Design Thinker, Evaluator, Educator and Podcaster

Episode 3

Cpl Kelly Risling - RCMP Police Officer, Founder of the Unidentified Human Remains Unit, and PTSD sufferer

Episode 4

Jeff Buck - Certified Financial Analyst, devoted father and amateur chef

Episode 5

Kevin Li - TV Producer (Ultra Rich Asian Girls, Canadianzie Me, InFURencers, and Agent Unbreakable)

Episode 6

Melissa Stone - HR Director, Career Coach, and Director in the Charity Sector

Episode 7

Megan Cameron - Unscripted TV Producer (Paramedics: Life on the Line, Yukon Gold, and This is High School)

You can find more information on my guests in their full episode description.


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Hosted By: James Donison at JimJamPro Creative Services

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Podcast Music

- Absolutes, My Life

- Hockey Night In Canada theme (old) aka Dolores Claman’’s The Hockey theme’ (1968)

- Cody Martin, Lifted High

Melissa StoneProfile Photo

Melissa Stone

Career Coach

Melissa Stone makes an impact wherever she goes. Whether it be as a high level HR Director in Australia, or back home in Ireland coaching those of us in our careers that can’t seem to figure out how to get to that next level; or perhaps reigniting a passion for a role that seems ot be fizzling.

Megan CameronProfile Photo

Megan Cameron

Megan Cameron works as a Line Producer for Unscripted Television in Vancouver, Canada (Paramedics: Life on the Line, Big Timber, Yukon Gold, This is High School)

Kevin LiProfile Photo

Kevin Li

Kevin Li is a Canadian TV Producer (Little Ram Productions) best known for the viral sensation reality show 'Ultra Rich Asian Girls'. You can watch full episodes on YouTube as well as 'Canadianize Me' (What it means to be Canadian), upcoming trailers for 'InFURencers' (social media influencer pets) and 'Agent Unbreakable' about controversial Vancouver real estate agent Layla Yang.

Jeff BuckProfile Photo

Jeff Buck


Jeff Buck is a Devoted Father, Certified Financial Analyst, and self proclaimed Nerd.

Kelly RislingProfile Photo

Kelly Risling


Corporal Kelly Risling (Riz) is a member of Canada's esteemed RCMP police force. He created the Unidentified Human Remains Unit (UHRU). Its tools and procedures have been hailed and utilised by police forces worldwide.

Cameron NormanProfile Photo

Cameron Norman


A Dr. of Psychology and Master of Design Thinking, Cameron Norman resides in Toronto, Canada. He is the Principal and President of Cense Ltd, which "helps organisations with strategic thinking for innovation and enhance people’s potential for joy, excellence, and well-being through their engagement with their work.

Geoff WilsonProfile Photo

Geoff Wilson

Plant Medicine Coach

He's not only a dynamic thinker, Geoff Wilson is a BTTY Certified Change Coach (addiction recovery and psychedelic treatments), Instructor at Acorn Wealth, an online Creator, MMA Commentator and Author of the, soon to be released, book Parables of Plant Medicine.