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Fantastic Listen!

James Donison does an excellent job in interviewing multiple personalities and in doing so provides great insight in life’s trials and tribulations!

Like a Coffee With People You Just Met

I love the Reaching for the Middle Podcast because it feels like I’m sitting and having a coffee with someone I just met and am likely to meet, yet it has that freshness to it. James interviews people to find the remarkable in what might be the common. He interviews people with regular jobs, entrepreneurs, media professionals, parents, and more and brings out their failures, successes, pearls of wisdom and life lessons as they live in the middle of life, reaching for something. It’s beauty is that it is a very familiar format, with familiar kind of people with a completely unfamiliar premise at the same time. It’s worth listening to every episode and makes me feel more human when I do.

One of a kind show

Nobody approaches a conversation quite like James Donison. He’s inquisitive and an excellent listener, something you don’t always get in a podcast host.

Insightful Podcast

It is great to hear stories (& "origin stories") of people I know or am just learning about. It seems like everyone has something to overcome & how they do so shapes who they become. Looking forward to the next guest.

A Distinct Perspective Most of Us Can Relate To

This podcast manages to make normal life’s up and downs remarkable. That’s the real magic of what James Donison has done is bring together people’s stories of success, failure, wonder, and the challenges we face moving into mid-life with humour, insight, and compassion. How many other podcasts can say they celebrate the wonders of being in the middle even if many of us thought we wanted to be at the top? It’s a great listen.


Great podcast! For people like myself that have strived so much over the years for a successful career, but only 'Reaching the middle' A great reminder to not take what we have for granted.

Excellent Podcast!

Definitely a must listen! Conversation about every day and not so every day life. Looking forward to the next episode!