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March 17, 2022

Paul Bae Pt. 2 (From High School Teacher to a TV Series Based On His Life)

Paul Bae Pt. 2 (From High School Teacher to a TV Series Based On His Life)

In the second part of my conversation with writer and comedian Paul Bae, we’ll discuss the secret to becoming a great high school teacher, and the upcoming Amazon series based on his life, which will star a pretty memorable TV teacher Señor Chang aka Ken Jeong.
We’ll also talk about his successful podcast career, how after one became a 54 million download sensation, and another an acclaimed anthology series, led him down a path of success in writing, podcasting as well as lucrative offers from major TV Networks.

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In this second half of my chat with Writer/Comedian/Podcaster Paul Bae, we talk about his move from comedic TV Host back to working in the the education system, and how he discovered the secret to becoming a great high school teacher. Paul spoke about being flat broke and  supported by his financially savvy wife, to finding his way to his real passion, writing. Paul Bae will also discuss his highly successful podcast 'The Black Tapes', critically acclaimed anthology 'The Big Loop', and how these led him to working with Method Man on 'Marvels', being courted by Network Television, and producing and writing 'Shoot The Moon, a Dramedy' series based on his life, with Ken Jeong and Daniel Dae Kim. And finally, why Paul Bae dancing on Breakfast Television is linked to the death of Michael Jackson (Some good CLICKBAIT right there).

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(The Black Tapes, The Big Loop, Marvels)


Paul's book - YOU SUCK, SIR

S2E5 Credits and Links

Community: The Best of Chang (Ken Jeong)
The CityNews List (Explains H1N1 Flu Vaccine) with Paul Bae and Graham Clark
Paul Bae, Michael Jackson dance, on Breakfast Television Vancouver (CityTV)
Forbidden Wing, Cody Martin (Youtube code JJ41DKLJNUNFGTKT)
My Life, Absolutes

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Paul Bae

Paul Bae is a Canadian comedian, actor, and writer, known for The Black Tapes podcast (2015), The Big Loop podcast (2017), Fringe (2008) The Interview (2014) and an upcoming Amazon series with Ken Jeong titled Shoot the Moon, loosely based on Paul's life. He is also a former school teacher and TV Host (The CityNews List),