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After an eye opening childhood growing up in the Soviet Union and then an independent Ukraine, Oksana Tkachenko now lives in Brisbane, Australia.
With an entrepreneurial spirit, a Masters in Finance, and the ability to speak four languages, Oksana now runs Lean Finance, a social conscious company that creates innovative funding platforms, partnerships and investable solutions.

May 13, 2022

S2E9 - Oksana Tkachenko Pt 2 (Success vs Accomplishment #BossWoman)

Oksana Tkachenko is juggling a successful career and family life in Australia, with the constant worry of the horrors that are happening in her birth country of Ukraine. In part two of my conversation with Oksana, we discuss her ability …

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April 29, 2022

S2E8 - Oksana Tkachenko (Ukranian Roots and a Family in Peril)

With many of her family still in the Ukraine, and at the time of this writing, some trapped in a cellar in the Mariupol war-zone, Oksana Tkachenko is juggling her successful career, and family life in Australia, with the con...

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