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June 20, 2022

The Secret To My Success

The Secret To My Success

Have you ever experienced a setback in life, or "failed" so stupendously that it set you on a new trajectory? (listen to the episode here )

No, this isn't a blog about failures. I don't actually believe in the concept of failing. We make mistakes and have setbacks, but never fail.  If you've listened to a few of the Reaching For The middle episodes, you'll notice a pattern from myself and the guests.  We've all hit bumps in our road, and instead of blaming the road and forging ahead on that same bumpy surface, we took a different path. Each one of my guests is living a better life for it. Do you remember any of these stories from the RFTM podcast? A Chilean who was kidnapped at birth, rescued by an aunt dressed up like a nun, and now his family lives the good life in Canada (Season 2, Episodes 6 & 7); a lady who's 3-week-old daughter was rushed to the hospital to get a heart transplant, and now who has a teenage girl who is helping to save lives (Season 2, Episodes 2 & 3); a Chinese boy living in Canada who experienced racism, reframed his experience into a lucrative career producing asian themed programming that, using humour, teaches viewers about the culture (Season 1, Episode 5); and a Dr. of Psychology who was rising to the top of academia but lost a marriage and who he was because of it, and now runs his own practice revolving around Design Thinking, teaching, and inspiring others to be their best selves (Season 1, Episode 2)

The Secret Of My Success isn't one of massive monetary gain, it's about finally realising that I have everything I need, and it's right in front of me; an amazing family, a career that I can help inspire others, and a home in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Gold Coast, Australia. 

What about you, have you learned from your past and shaped it into a successful present? Well, I want to hear about it, and more importantly, the RFTM listeners want to be inspired by you. Tell us about your rocky road to where you are today. Perhaps you're still 'reaching'? Tell us about that too. 


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4. Listen and Subscribe to the Reaching For The Middle podcast, and keep an eye out for the Secret To My Success episode(s) in the future. 

And, just in case you're thinking, my story isn't interesting enough to be heard by others. Believe me, each one of my guest's said the same thing. And I promise to cut out the uncomfortable "umms" and "uhhs". 

So, here's to learning from our pasts, so that those spoils can create the fruits of our future. Because the secrets to success are in all of us.


Keep Reaching Everyone,

James Donison - RFTM Host