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Reaching for the Middle

Reaching for the Middle

A Success Podcast For The Rest of Us. Listen and Subscribe to the Reaching For The Middle podcast to hear guests from all walks of life discuss success and failure in their career, relationships and life. They'll offer key advice, perspective, strategies for a better life, and a funny story or two. Guests Include a Career Coach, Police Officer, HR Director, TV Producer, Podcaster, Actor, Psychologist, Bodyguard, Psychedelic Treatment Coach, Journalist...Your fortnightly dose of inspiration, laughter, and insight.

Recent Episodes

Career Advice Teaching Motivational

S2E13 The Secret To My Success - Kevin Li (TV Producer)

July 9, 2022

The Secret of My Success series, on the Reaching For The Middle podcast, highlights advice and success stories from past guests, new voices, and listeners, like you. They did the hard yards through life, so you don't have to…

Guest: Kevin Li
Life Advice Career Advice Mental Health Advice Motivational

S2E12 The Secret To My Success (A Call To Action)

June 24, 2022

In Episode 12, Season 2 Reaching For the Middle host, James Donison, answers that age old question, How To Be Successful. This is also a call to action, for you. Will you take the leap?

Career Advice Motivational

S2E11 (Five Key Factors For Workplace Well-Being) with Dr. Cameron Norman

June 10, 2022

Former Reaching For The middle guest, Dr. Cameron Norman, brings his expertise to this episode, providing five factors that contribute to workplace well-being. He'll also discuss Design Thinking and how it can assist organis…

Life Advice Mental Health Advice Teaching Motivational

BONUS: Geoff Wilson (Depression, Microdosing, and Finding His Calling)

June 3, 2022

In this short BONUS clip, past guest, Geoff Wilson talks about his initial journey into plant medicine when faced with depression, and how he soon realised he was doing it all wrong.

Guest: Geoff Wilson
Life Advice Mental Health Advice Friendship Teaching

S2E10 (Parables of Plant Medicine podcast - crossover episode) Geoff Wilson

May 27, 2022

Geoff Wilson was the very first guest on the Reaching For the Middle podcast; so to celebrate the season finale of his podcast, Parables of Plant Medicine, and the release of his book Evolve: The Parables of Plant Medicine (…

Guest: Geoff Wilson

BONUS: Pancho Fonseca (A Mother's Good Fortune and Age Perception)

May 20, 2022

A bonus clip from Season 2 Episodes 6 and 7 with Pancho Fonseca. We talk about his mom's good fortune, drive, and how we used to view the age of 50 as "old". We also discuss our good friend AJ Scales, an Elite BJJ competitor…

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The Secret of My Success - A Reaching For The Middle blog

Turning mistakes and setbacks from our past, into successful futures. Secret revealed.

About the Host

James Donison Profile Photo

James Donison

James Donison is an alumni of the Canadian Broadcast Industry, now living in sunny Australia with his beautiful wife and daughter. He juggles family life with his career as a video and photography professional for JimJamPro Creative Services, which also produces and edits other creator's podcasts.

As with most people, James has experienced ups and downs in his life but, unlike others, he is willing to candidly discuss his successes and failures.

He started this podcast to reconnect with friends during COVID, but the Reaching For The Middle podcast has evolved into a knowledge base of life lessons, career misfortunes and success tips, heartbreaking stories, and laugh out loud moments.

If you sometimes think to yourself "Is this it, is this all there is?" and "Am I the only one who feels this way?" then join James Donison on his journey for betterment and become 11% happier (had to one up the 10% Happier podcast ;) with every listen.

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